If you are like me, you have seen multiple articles over the last few years about the benefits of a standing desk. I’ve looked and I’ve wondered, but never did anything. One big reason is the price and the other is ECU has invested in the furniture. Then I saw the VariDesk. It had potential Most of the existing furniture could be used and it’s reasonably priced. A hutch would need to be moved to storage, but it was worth a shot. So a couple weeks back I took the plunge.

My experience has been a good one. I do sit down when working through documents, but I spend just about all of my computer time standing now. So most of the time, when I am not in meetings, I am standing. I do notice some core fatigue later in the day, but that’s a good thing. My core was becoming too “soft”. Overall I am pleased with the VariDesk because it is the best of both worlds. I can stand, but I know I have the option of sitting down if I want. When I am sitting the extra height causes me to sit up straight (another good thing). Honestly, it is not in the down position too often.

Another side benefit is time management. When I am sitting people, even with just a quick question, had a tendency to come into the office and sit in the chair across from me. Now if they have a quick question I am standing and they are standing, so they rarely sit down. But with the chair still there, if they know it will be a longer conversation they feel free to sit down and I do as well.

If I were to design an office from scratch I would definitely investigate a true standup desk. There are some very innovative ones out there now at competitive prices. But the VariDesk does the trick if you have furniture you want to keep and don’t want to invest a small fortune. Overall, flexible, very well made, and at a reasonable price.

All the best!

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