Service: Philosophy & Summary

For me, service is about making a difference

Service is a necessary component for making a department, college, university and profession run efficiently and effectively. My approach to service has been beyond the check marks. That is to do more than just enough to make others happy but to do things that bring value to the organization to which I am associated. I am active in the typical areas of service for faculty members (reviewing, etc.) and have placed an emphasis on curriculum and technology development while at ECU. As I have moved into administration, the scope of service has increased with more university and UNC-System level service.

This year alone I served on approximate twenty-five different committees, so covering them all here would be pretty boring. Please see my vita (link to the right) for additional details. Most of my work has been in the area


As a growing university, curriculum development is key and happens at a fairly quick pace. It is important that each unit has the best curriculum possible and that this curriculum work in concert with the curriculum from other units. Initially, my involvement with the curriculum at ECU started in the Decision Science Department when our goals were to make our curriculum more applicable to graduates in the current market. This led to the creation of a Web Application Development course that I designed and implemented. This course is now a required course in the MIS concentration and version is also a part of the MIS Certificate in the MBA program. In addition, I serve or have served as:

University Curriculum Committee, Chair, and Vice-Chair. In these roles, I was instrumental in streamlining processes to make curriculum creation and revision easier for faculty. I was also instrumental in increasing the communication between departments and helping the UCC to be seen as an ally instead of an adversary by faculty.

COB Undergraduate Committee, Chair. In this role, the committee, and the entire COB undertook an extensive curriculum review and revision. The process utilized many sub-committees and a significant percentage of faculty participated in the process. In addition to my role as chair of the committee, I also chaired and participated in many of the sub-committees. The changes have had a significant impact on all stakeholders.

Accreditation Coordinator. The College of Business had its 5-year review in 2010 with a review team visiting campus in February 2010. In addition, ECU evaluated software packages in support of SACS review in 2013. I coordinated the AACSB process for COB which required organization and identification of existing data as well as attending AACSB workshops. In addition, I participated on multiple committees for the SACS review at the university level, working closely with SACS Accreditation team at ECU.

BS University Studies, Faculty Chair. I have been chairing the committee which is developing a new degree program at ECU. The University Studies degree is designed


As an MIS professor, I have been exposed to many different technologies and am skilled at creating alignment between organization strategy and technology strategy. Because of this, I serve as:

Web Oversight Committee, Member This committee is led by the CIO and oversees ECU’s web presence. It works with departments across campus in determining the look and content of the universities upper-level pages.

Content Management System Review Committee, Member This committee was tasked with evaluating CommonSpot and its alternatives. We investigated many alternatives and piloted a few while taking into account our current investment in CommonSpot. The committee recommended upgrading CommonSpot to the most recent version realizing that all products in this niche continue to improve and the proliferation of CommonSpot across campus would mean an investment of significant resources to switch.

COB SharePoint Administrator. To better enhance collaboration among faculty in the MIS department I created a SharePoint site. The usefulness of this technology quickly became apparent when others saw the way in which the technology could make more information available to faculty and increase the transparency of decision making. Soon a COB site was rolled out, and almost all departments, committees, and units in the College utilize the tool to manage information.


As I reflect it is quite rewarding to see the other areas in which I have been able to contribute. I have served on several ad hoc committees that have studies important issues for ECU such as Graduate Enrollment, Faculty Workload, and various SACS committees. In addition, I was a part of the transition from a Graduate School Administrative Board to the Graduate Council and serve on the Graduate Council Executive Committee. I have been fortunate to work with faculty and staff from all across the university and have a great appreciation for the people that make ECU such a great place.

Additional information may be found by accessing the link to my Vita.

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